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But too much iron or problems with utilizing, storing, or transporting iron properly can lead to vision loss in the form of conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and hyperferritinemia syndrome, according to recent research findings. Iron contributes to the leading causes of vision loss. Deferiprone can protect the retinas of mice by entering the retina and removing iron from it, said Dunaief, whose lab is currently testing additional drugs to prevent iron accumulation in the eye. Iron accumulates in the body with age because we continue to absorb it from our diets, but we excrete very little, Dunaief said. In hhcs, components of ferritin accumulate in the eye lens and crystalize disrupting the light transmission which enables a person to see. Depuis le, date de fermeture du service, il n'est plus possible d'accéder aux Pages Perso SFR crées, ni aux interfaces de gestion et de publication de ce service.


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Je ne suis pas une maîtresse escort et mes séances sont gratuites, par contre, jaime filmer les sessions pour mon blog perso (je peux vous prêter une cagoule ou vous travestir en femelle pour lanonymat). Cruelle maîtresse africaine enculeuse de larbins dans. An ophthalmologist confirms diagnosis of hhcs. Serum ferritin : indicates the amount of iron stored in the body, via the protein ferritin. Iron is a necessary mineral for many of the bodys functions, including vision. Dunaiefs research has shown that the oral iron chelator deferiprone may be a possible treatment for AMD if iron accumulation was one of the causes for its development.

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