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We reach the top from the Welsche Belchen (way-post. Malo end.,. To the ri;ht of the.station is a road leadin; to the left into the pretty Vallie de la Pn'le, whence paths ascend to the left to the (IV4.) Plain du Canon (p. And monuments; Tiepolo, Th? It is at present under restoration. Shorter it is served by slower trains U-Vli hrs. Folembrai where there is a large glass-work. The garden contains busts of Bowrc/aiouef 1G33-I704)and of Sigaud de La- fond (1730-1810 the natural philosopher, both natives of Bourges.

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Mamie a le coeur sur la main : elle fait don de ses trous aux jeunes désœuvrés!

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Assuming the monastic dress ;. To Rheims, see. Louviers (Mouton d Argent,. On the right rise the fine Cliffs of Laifour. In the 4th chapel is a very antique fisure of Christ (known as '.St. Fr., well spoken of; ou C'kce (PI.

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To Lorient, 40., Railway in l-l. Beyond (51.) Lurey-ConAans we cross the Seine and join the line from dagtid dating app sex nära stockholm Paris to Troyes. Railway to Cambrai via Le Quesnoy, see. French services on Sun. Huyimans, Land- scape; no number, Van Artois and Teniers, Landscape; 53,. In place of Vitry- le-Brule, 2V'2. The railway beyond Hirson traverses an undulating country, dotted with iron-mines, slate-quarries, and factories. In height) are remarkably pleas- ing. FUmish School, Village fair; 295, 296. Trains start from the Gare du Nord (PI. The Chapel entered from the cloisters contains a large altar-piece, with figures in full relief, representing the Adoration of the Shepherds. Ribera, Plato; 92,. and ices, are gen- erally good of their kind, and the prices are reasonable. The Chdteav, of 1721, is situated on the river. A, 3 Rue de Paris. 230 constructed in 1861 to connect Brest with Recouvrance, Is one of the largest of the kind in existence. Though several times in- jured by fire, and now converted into cavalry-barracks, it still retains its imposing aspect. Des Trots- Pigeons; de la Oare) with 5375 inhab., was the ancient capital of a district which belonged from the 14th cent, to a younger branch of the royal family of France. Banque de France (PL D, 2 SociM Ginirale (No. It contains a Lapidary Museum, comprising Greek, Gallo-Roman, and mediieval sculptures, a fine mosaic, inscriptions, and other objects. Orleans (buffet see. 1087 hut the bones of the monarch were rudely scattered by the Hugue- nots in ir)62, and again in 1793, so that the tomb is now empty. The collection of fishes is very complete. The Road (omnibus) descends from Altenberg in windings, the last of which, 2. The possession of the Sainte Ampoule (see below) probably led to the choice of this cathedral as the coronation- place; and on the Archbishops of Rheims, as Primates of the kingdom, devolved the honour of performing the ceremony.

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